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    PO Box 645, Norcross, GA 30091
    At our core, we are a technology company dedicated to helping our clients communicate with their community more effectively. People think about communication as either voice or written words. It is much more. In today's world everything you do is a communication with your community. At JP Technologies we are committed to helping you improve that communication.
    • We are a minority, woman owned business.
    • We are a team.
    • We exist to provide great service to our customers.
    • We believe that profit will follow excellence.
    • Each customer will love us or leave us depending on how well we provide service. We recognize this and will make every effort to keep you happy!
    • We will continually excel at our given task. When we stumble, we'll identify the causes, seek remedy and improve.
    • We are human.
    • We have lives outside work. We will provide service during working hours and enjoy our lives outside this window. This company is made up of individuals working together for a common goal.
    • We are based in Peachtree Corners, Georgia. About ten miles north of beautiful Atlanta Georgia.
    • We are currently expanding operations to Baton Rouge, Louisiana