Staff Efficiency

Sales Accounting Tools

It takes a certain number of contacts in order to generate the interest necessary to make a sale.

We provide your sales team a direction. If you contacted 100 suspects via telephone calls, mailings, in-person meetings, by the web or any combination of
these, how many prospects would result?

We put accurate contact statistics at your fingertips What is the percentage of prospects that turn into “Hot Leads”? Of the Hot Leads identified, what is the percentage that will actually close?

Then, using integration with your accounting program, you can determine exactly the required activity your sales staff will need to perform in order to close a sale.

The built in dashboard will provide most companies the ability to get a handle on sales activity. Consider this a first step. Utilizing marketing add on capabilities will further increase your sales “footprint”. Think of it as farming, but it happens 24 hours per day, 365 days a year, all without you lifting a finger.

Customizable reports can be created to pinpoint data in areas you deem important. For instance, if you have three sales people
on a team, two of them are likely lagging behind one member. Using the built in analytics, you can better determine
the “edge” and pass that information to your other sales representatives, or consider your
options to improve performance.

Cut staff headcount, increase sales is the new model for success. This is your tool to make that need a reality.