Customer Relationship Management

Imagine upon receiving a call a pop-up appears. You glance down and see that your biggest client is calling.

You pickup your phone, say “hello” and click on the company link in the window. This immediately brings up your customers record and you can see all the notes, activities and current opportunities (and more) associated with that customer.

Immediately capture the essence of the conversation, track key performance indicators, develop more accurate sales forecasts, identify new leads, monitor lead conversion, measure customer satisfaction, maintain customer profitability, identify customer demographics and much, much more.

Want More Sales?

With over one million users, the JP Technologies Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution is powered by Cupertino California based SugarCRM. JP Technologies streamlined interface of SugarCRM makes it easier and more effective.

What is SugarCRM? SugarCRM or Sugar is a software package to track interaction with prospects, customers and sales. Think of this like a Contact Manager (similar to the old Act! or Goldmine software) but updated and modernized.

Our SugarCRM implementation not only automates basic business tasks, improves workflow, increases productivity and creates more sales opportunities for your SMB enterprise, we have integrated SugarCRM with critical business tools such as your phone system and a variety of business applications including email, calendars, databases, file managers, and accounting software. SugarCRM is designed to be more than a contact management software, it has the ability to track campaigns, develop metrics for marketing effectiveness and apply advanced reporting to the entire sales process.

SugarCRM also has the ability to expand its role through the use of plug in expansion modules. For instance, there is a Recruiting module for staffing companies. A partial list includes

  • Expense Controls
  • Forecasting
  • HR Management
  • Lead Management
  • List Management
  • Order Management
  • Project Management
  • Reporting
  • Sales Performance Optimization
  • Account Management
  • Books
  • Business Intelligence
  • Calendaring
  • Campaign Management
  • Case Management
  • Collaboration
  • Contact Management
  • Contract Management
And much more...